Shiva Nataraj 28cm

Høyde: 28cm

Vekt: 2,3kg

Materiale: Solid messing


Shiva, whose name means "-friendly"- or "-merciful"- unites many opposites: He is merciful and devastating, meditative and ecstatic, God of the Universe, yet still with preferences for certain earthly locations like Mount Kailash and the Indian city, Benares. Shiva is adored in His many different forms. As the Great Yogi (Mahayogi) practicing ascetic disciplines or being completely immersed in meditation, as the great Master of the World, or as Nataraj, Lord of the Dance, who destroys all ignorance and everything that is not based on truth and love with his dancing steps.

Shiva Nataraj is the symbol for the major purification period of our planet that is happening at this time.

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