White Tara 36cm

Høyde: 36cm

Vekt: 3,4kg

Materiale: Antikk messing/sølv og gullbelagt messing

White Tara
She is revered as a symbol of purity. The most striking feature of the white Tara is its seven eyes. In addition to her natural eyes, she has others on her forehead and in the palms of her hands and feet so that she can perceive the needy in all parts of the world.

She embodies the female deity per se. Her name means both "star" and "savior #2. In Tibet she is called "Dölma" , which simply means mother. She is worshipped there as the mother of all Buddhas. The right hand is directed downwards in the gesture of wish granting, the left hand shows the gesture of protection granting. 

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