Medicine Buddha, 22cm

brass with stones, 22 cm, 1.7 kg


"Buddha" is not a surname, as you might think, but an honorary title that is only given to people who have realized salvation through their own knowledge. The man who is usually referred to by this title is a historical personality. He probably lived in northern India between the 6th and 5th centuries BC and was called Siddhartha Gautama before his enlightenment. The teaching (Dharma) revealed by him, which has undergone many further training over the centuries, and the monastic order founded by him are still alive today, in recent years through the active activity of Tibetan Lamas also here in the West.

Medicine Buddha

He has the hand posture of an Akshobya Buddha but additionally in his left hand a healing pot or herb pot. In Buddhism he stands for healing all diseases - even those of ignorance. Spiritual poisons cause an unpeaceful mind in human beings - which in turn leads to physical and mental suffering.

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