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Benzoin is a vanilla-like fragrance. The Satya Benzoin incense is suitable for lovers of sweet, classic scents. Benzoin is very popular in perfumes because of its soothing and soft aroma. With the incense sticks from Satya you can enjoy the benzoin fragrance in the purest way.

Benzoin, an ancient fragrance and medicine

The Benzoin tree grows in the tropical regions of Asia. The fragrance benzoin is extracted from the resin. The Chinese use benzoin for better wound healing and for the pain of arthritis and gout. The resin has warming properties.

Benzoin evokes the association of vanilla and chocolate in many people. The fragrance soothes and gives strength.

About the Satya brand

Satya is one of the best known incense brands. The scents are characterized by purity and high quality. For this, the sticks are rolled by hand in India, using only vegetable ingredients. Components such as resin, powder, oil, leaves and bark provide an intense experience. The scents of Satya often evoke a lot of nostalgia.

Satya benzoin burning incense

If you like the scent vanilla, you may also like the benzoin scent. In terms of aroma, Benzoin resembles vanilla and chocolate. Many people experience that they relax from this. If you like chocolate, the fragrance may also brighten you up.

Satya benzoin incense is suitable for any time of the day. It brings a soft, peaceful atmosphere to your home. This incense helps you to recharge.

Preferably put the incense sticks in an incense holder or incense board. This way they are stable and you catch the ashes.


Satya incense is often highly appreciated by incense enthusiasts. Satya benzoin incense is a must for those who love soft and sweet.

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