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Cleanse your home and your aura with this powerful yerba santa smudge stick. Yerba santa means 'holy herb'. To the ancient Native Americans, yerba santa was known as the herb that protected against delusion, fear and worry. In addition, it was a remedy that would cure colds. In Europe, yerba santa is very popular as a smudging herb: according to experts, it purifies spaces of negative energy.

What is smudging?

Cleaning a space or energy field by means of herbal combustion is called 'smudging'. A well-known people who perform smudging rituals were the Native Americans (Indians), but the use probably goes back much further. Specific herbs were used for smudging: white sage was especially popular, this plant is said to scare away evil spirits! Yerba santa had a similar effect: it helped with delusions and fears.

Yerba Santa how it works

The Indians used yerba santa for all kinds of ailments, including colds. You can burn your yerba santa for all kinds of purposes: to dispel negative energy, to cleanse your aura or for a fresh, spicy scent in the house. Yerba santa therefore has a different effect for everyone.

Yerba Santa smudge stick; tips

The Indians attached great importance to symbolism and signs from nature. For example, they spread the smoke that was released from the combustion with a spring. The herbs were preferably burned in a shell: this symbolized the element of water! You can perform your own smudging ceremony as follows:

  • Put down a fireproof bowl or shell
  • Sprinkle some sand in the bowl or shell
  • Place the yerba santa smudge stick in the shell or shell
  • Light the smudge stick
  • Wait until you see a flame and blow it out
  • Your smudging stick is now smoldering. Relight the yerba santa when the herbs stop smoldering.
  • Spread the scent with a feather, such as a swan feather.

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