Plasma-infusert vann Co2-G.A.N.S, 30ml


Carbon Dioxide (Co2)

Co2 activated GANS water supports the nervous system, works on the emotional field, brings neurosystem in balance. Can be used for disinfecting, radiation contamination and viruses. Co2 activated GANS water can be used pure or diluted depending on the treatment requirement. It will activate cells, revitalizes the body and strengthen the immune system. Co2 activated GANS water is very beneficial to all kinds of muscle injuries.

Dosage: Ingest 2 drops morning and 2 drops evening, in any way preferred.
May also be given to animals and plants, added to their drinking water.
Plants will grow faster and larger.

Storage: In a cool place (refrigerator)


To be able to explain Plasma we need to be able to explain GaNS. So what is it?

GaNS is Gas in a Nano State. It is the fourth state of matter together with solid, liquid and gas.

Certain atoms and molecules release and/or absorb Magnetic and/or Gravitation fields. Released fields are available to be absorbed by other objects. A way has been developed in which to gather these free flowing fields from the environment within a usable substance which is called GaNS (Gas in A Nano State). So in essence is GaNS a container for Plasma energy.

An organism for example will emit fields it wants to separate itself from (rid itself of) and will absorb fields that it can use or that it has an urgent need for. The prerequisite is that the appropriate fields for absorption must be available within the immediate environment of the organism. GaNS is a substance that exists in a special state of aggregation (the formation of a number of things into a cluster).

Different types of GaNS can be created with different desirable energetic properties that can be used individually or in combination for different applications. Each type of GaNS has specific field strength depending on the chemical elements within the GaNS.

With this technology, the self-healing powers of the organism are supported at the level of the fields that build up the organism itself. Therefore, the need for chemical agents and processes are not required because healing occurs at the level of Magnetic field interaction.

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