Akupressurmatte 3 deler

3-Piece Acupressure Mat with Coconut Fibre Padding & Reflexology Print.

This three-piece acupressure mat is ideal to take with you when travelling. The three pieces are connected with zips and can be used individually.

They are easy to fold and therefore easier to store. The middle part is also equipped with a rubber strap. This makes it easy to attach to a chair, for example.

The reflex zone imprint makes it very easy to see which organs need a little help and to work the corresponding zones harder.

Filling with natural coconut fibre mats. The pillow has an additional hard foam padding. The cover is high-quality cotton fabric and washable.

The acupressure points are made of ABS Virgin (Acrylonitrile also known as acrylic resin).

These are attached to the mat by heating alone, without additional glue.

Tested for harmful substances.

The mat is supplied in a take-away box incl. description.

L: 82 cm, W: 45 cm

kr 1 149,00