Anti Gravity Humidifier/Diffuser


Meget stilig luftfukter/ diffuser med lyd av rennende vann.


Produktvideo lyd, rennende vann:

Air Humidifier: Water droplet reflow black technology, ultrasonic atomization technology, fine water mist.

Power-off Protection: Humidifier automatic shutdown of continuous use, timed power off to protect the machine, durable and more worry-free.

Intelligent anti-shutdown: 800ml water tank, water level detector real-time monitoring of the water level, if the water level is too low, the indicator light turns orange, prompt to add water, then turn off.

LED Smart Display: Smart LED display screen, can display real time air humidity, temperature early konw.5. Unique gift: This portable humidifier allows you to enjoy nice fog throughout the year. Everyone would love this super modern humidifier when they receive it as a gift. 

Material: ABS

Size: 12x12x23cm

Weight: 450g

Capacity: 800ml

Working time: 8 hours

Package Include: 1 Air Humidifier, 1 Manual, 1 Cable Charger

NB, benytt kun tynne eteriske oljer ved bruk som diffuser.

kr 999,00 kr 1 199,00