Archangel Metatron statue 37cm

Archangel Metatron

It's been said that Metatron has his place on god's right side. He is the visible manifestation of god; god's voice; an exalted being floating between conscious of godly spheres and the manifestation of creation. He is guarding our highest substantial body of light which can be assigned to the 8th and 9th chakra. Especially because of the rising energies of nowadays and the conjunct regeneration of our shadowy parts, Metatron is intensely appearing in our conscious again. He is the keeper of swell which only allows as much light floating into us as we can handle. Further, he controls the spreading of shadowy parts as far as we can bear it.

He is the transformer allowing us to ascend the ladder of light without burning. He also is the keeper of the Akasha chronic. If we concentrate on him, we can recognise and transcribe our recorded path of life within the Akasha chronic.

Poly resin; 37 cm

kr 2 499,00