Bjelle 14,5cm

Solid bjelle med meget god lyd og høy vibrasjon.

Inngravert med hellige symbol.

Leveres i eske og med hvilepute.

Bell with Dorje

The bell is an important ritual object in Buddhism. Together with the Dorje it is omnipresent in monasteries and domestic altars. While the bell symbolizes the female path to enlightenment, the Dorje symbolizes the male power of the path.

Together they stand for the dualism of the world. When united, we find the way back to unity. In ancient Tibet the bell is also used to call spirits and to get in contact with them. So the bell is a wonderful instrument for initiating meditations, to consciously bring us back to the moment and for feeling the inner center.

Metal alloy, In a nice gift box
H: 14,5 cm, ø 8 cm

kr 699,00