Fast CBD Cream

The Future of Wellness

Give your body the boost it deserves with FAST, a quick-acting recovery cream made from cannabidiol—a highly concentrated oil derived from the cannabis plant. 

Esteemed for generations because of its regenerative properties, CBD is the future of sustainable wellness. Our recovery cream was created to help you alleviate discomfort and improve your physical activity by promoting both muscle and articular wellness. 

FAST does not contain any psychoactive elements, making it safe for use whenever you need it most.

What is FAST?

FAST is an analgesic and anti-inflammatory CBD cream, made with all-natural ingredients. Created for use after strenuous exercise or physical activity, FAST starts out with a warming sensation, before fading into a cooling one—all without the irritation of other similar products. 

FAST is paraben-free, silicone-free, and does not contain fragrance or artificial coloring.

CBD Hemp Oil (Cannabis Sativa L.) 

Inhibits the transmission of nervous signals associated with pain—without the psychoactive and narcotic effects. CBD contains high levels of Omega 3 and Omega 6, two fatty acids which contain anti- inflammatory properties.

Arnica (Flor)

Arnica is a flower high in helenalin, thymol, caeic and chlorogenic acids. These substances provide anti-inflammatory properties, acts as an analgesic and helps to improve circulation in the aected area.

Ginger Extract (Zingiber Zerumbet Smith)

The Zingiber Zerumbet Smith variety of ginger has renowned anti- inflammatory and antioxidant properties, as well as promotes circulation.FAST uses the zerumbone active molecule.

Horse Chestnut

With decades of research accompanying its use, horse chestnut stands apart for its ability to protect blood vessels, as well as its anti- inflammatory properties.

Essential Oil Mixture (Eucalyptus, Mint, Cinnamon & Ginger)

The use of essential oils have been passed down for generations, because of their ability to assist the body's regenerative process. The mixture of essential oils used in FAST brings about a bodily reaction that blocks the transmission of pain signals to the brain, increases blood flow, reducesstiffness and creates a relaxing effect.

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