Frequency Generator

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Generate custom frequencies for healing, focus, meditation, chakra work & higher states of consciousness. This generates pure Sine Wave frequencies between 0.1 - 1000Hz that are more powerful than anything generated from phones or apps. USB power cable is included.

The default frequency is set to 7.83Hz (Schumann Resonance)

How to Use:
- Plug in the USB power cable
- Connect your earphones/headphones or connect an AUX cable (NOT INCLUDED) to a speaker
- Type in the desired frequency (using the touch pad)
- Press "Ok"

Note: Some frequencies may round up or down after you press okay. This is to offset static and is normal. If this happens, the frequency you typed in will be generated, not the rounded number shown.

WARNING: The frequencies are very powerful. Do not use for more than 20 minutes at a time.

kr 1 999,00