Bergkrystall syngebolle 10", Diameter 25cm

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Bergkrystall syngebolle 10"

Diameter 25cm


The sounds of Crystal Singing Bowls and their power

Crystal singing bowls fascinate with their uplifting and ethereal sounds. They produce a strong, vibrating field of energy, which comes deeply and directly through to the listener. It is as if the doors to other realms of consciousness are gently opened before us - inviting us to enter.

Composition of crystal singing bowls

Every crystal singing bowl consists of 99.992 % pure, pulverized quartz crystal (silicone quartz SIO2), pressed at 3.000° Celsius. The pure sounds are able to set our body into vibration, because it has a natural affinity with quartz (among other elements). The human body is composed of many crystalline substances. Even on a molecular level, for example, our cells contain crystalline silicid acid. This substance helps to balance our natural electro-magnetic energies, and also happens to have the same chemical formula as natural quartz crystal!

Music from quartz crystals contains the vibration of white light, which is dispersed naturally into the rainbow spectrum, before flowing directly into our chakras, and their corresponding physical areas.

Every crystal singing bowl is delivered with a gum ring for setting the bowl safely on the ground. This way, an optimal sound may also be achieved.
The crystal singing bowls with the sizes 20 to 28 cm are delivered with a leather stick- those from 30.5 to 46 cm with a special gum stick.

We are measuring the sounds of the Crystal Singing Bowls with a measuring instrument for orchestras. 

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