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Camphor is an old acquaintance. This uplifting fragrance was formerly widely used to soothe various ailments. The fresh scent was very much appreciated by many people. Light a Satya camphor incense stick for refreshment of your home and to give you new inspiration.

The origin and smell of camphor

Camphor comes from the camphor tree from Asia. It is a large, evergreen tree. Camphor is extracted from the wood. Camphor used to be used to soothe ailments: from rheumatic pain to acne. This is done little more because it is too irritating to apply directly to the skin. However, the fragrance evokes a nostalgic association in many people!

The camphor scent is refreshing and invigorating. Lighting camphor incense stimulates the senses and purifies the environment.

Satya, a very known incense brand

Satya is a brand of incense producer Shrinivas Sugandhalaya. This is a very famous incense maker for experts at incense. Shrinivas incense are native to India and are produced entirely with natural ingredients. Think, for example, of bark, resin, oil and leaves. You can smell this: the aromas such as wood, earth and flowers are clearly reflected in the incense.

Satya camphor incense burning tips

Camphor cleanses your environment and gives you energy to try new things. If you like a fresh, pungent fragrance, camphor will probably suit you well. Satya's camphor scent is very pure and lingers long after lighting. We always recommend placing incense sticks in an incense holder. The sticks are stable in this, and you neatly catch the ashes.

The use of camphor products is not recommended during pregnancy.

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