Archangel Michael statue 27,5cm

Archangel Michael

His name means He who is like God" and stands for the perfection of the highest power. Archangel Michael is a heavenly fighter. In Revelation it was he who plunged Satan out of heaven. He fights dark energies and demons with his lightsaber. He is the prince of the current epoch and stands by us in these turbulent times, protecting and uplifting. He also helps us to fight our inner fears and shortcomings and tries to raise our energy.

His energy is powerful and crystal clear, but also protective, lovingly enveloping and strengthening. He is the angel of the 1st ray of light, the blue ray.

Our constant memory of him strengthens the connection and his great power can flow more easily into us.

resin, H: 27.5 cm

kr 1 499,00